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Featured Vendor: Honeywell Thermal  Building Controls and Solutions has Partnered with Honeywell Thermal 


Building Controls & Solutions (BCS) is excited to announce the featured partnership of Honeywell Thermal, a leading provider of Thermal Solutions offering the world’s most versatile, innovative and comprehensive portfolio of thermal transfer and connected solutions. Let’s talk about how Building Controls & Solutions can help you in conjunction with our line of Honeywell Thermal Solutions.


For the most complex thermal process applications

Connectivity Is Key

In a highly competitive global marketplace, industrial

organizations increasingly seek digital intelligence to

manage and operate hundreds or thousands of assets,

from a single site or across an enterprise, to meet

critical operating demands.

Honeywell has developed innovative connected solutions

to address this development:


Thermal IQ™ is a cyber-secure offering designed to connect thermal process equipment to

the Honeywell cloud, making critical thermal process data available anytime, so users can optimize operations, predict plant failures and eliminate unplanned downtime.

With Thermal IQ, service incidents can be reduced significantly. This solution provides key performance analytics that help customers making their installations more efficient.

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Thermal IQ at Work


Burner Management System


Burner management is the safe sequencing of burner fuel delivery, flame safety, fuel air ratio and limit operation.

Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers an extensive range of process burner management control offerings and solutions – across commercial and industrial applications. With a proven history of safety, performance and reliability, we leverage the latest forward-thinking technologies to meet virtually any customer need.


SLATE™ Integrated  
Combustion Management
 The Honeywell SLATE Combustion Equipment Management System combines configurable safety with programmable logic all in one platform. It’s fewer components, for less complexity. And with SLATE’s application flexibility, universal I/O global safety certificates that include SIL 3, and universal power supply, you can serve more global industries with one platform.


The 7800 SERIES is a microprocessor- based integrated burner control platform for single-burner applications.

This platform includes a family of relay modules that provide burner sequencing for a wide variety of burners, and is SIL 3 capable.

Burner Control Units (BCU)

The Kromschröder BCU is a burner control platform for single and multi-burner applications that can be programmed for a wide variety of applications, simplifying device

engineering, installation and start-up.

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Honeywell provides a wide range of flame detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. This full line of flame rod, UV, R and combined UV/ R solid-state detection scanners, including self-check options, are used with programmer and primary flame safeguard controls.


Rugged, compact, with encapsulated sensing tube for maximum protection.


Quick and easy installation on standard sight pipe.



Pressure and limit controls provide operating control with automatic

or manual reset limit protection for pressure systems, and are used with steam, air, oil, non-combustible gases

or non-corrosive fluids.


Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery is the accurate delivery of fuel at the optimal pressure, temperature and flow - within safe operating conditions.

Via Our Thermal Solutions Line by Honeywell, we offer fuel delivery solutions for commercial and industrial applications, with a full valve portfolio that includes mechanical valves, safety shut-off valves and control valves, plus intelligent valves that deliver a distinctive competitive advantage. With a proven history of safety and performance, our comprehensive range of products and piping systems meet most global and regional requirements.

Diaphragm Gas Valves

Includes the valve and actuator in single-body construction for use on boilers, unit heaters, duct furnaces, make-up air and rooftop heaters.

Gas Pressure Regulators

Regulate gas and air inlet pressure for gas burners, including mixed and combined systems and in industrial distribution systems. For all gas- consuming appliances.

Fluid Actuators

Provide manual reset and safety

shut-off functions to control gas supply to commercial and industrial burners.

Light Duty Safety Shut-off Valves Double block valves that are used to control gaseous fuels in gas-fired power burners, atmospheric gas boilers, ovens, furnaces, incinerators, roof-top units, make-up air units and other gas- consuming appliances.

Combination Valves

Suitable for furnaces, ovens, atmospheric burners, commercial water heaters, roof-top make-up air units, power burners, and commercial and industrial boilers.


The SLATE Low Torque Actuator series includes commercial- and industrial- grade 1/4-turn actuators available in 50 and 150 in/lb models with highly repeatable position accuracy designed specifically to integrate with the SLATE system. This series is well suited for the precise control of air and gas flow and can operate in a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions.


Featuring a compact design that helps reduce equipment footprint and component costs, valVario valves safely control the gas pressure in gas inlet and burner lines ffor high/low air control and cool-air operation on industrial burners.


Solutions & Service

Our solutions and service offering helps improve facility operations

through on-site audits, complete engineered-to-order systems, and service and maintenance.

In addition to best-in-class products and systems, Building Controls & Solutions offers a full suite of services and product lines to help you and your customers create the best system solution for your thermal application need. Our sales and tech engineers have deep technical know-how, enabling us to provide systems that are compliant with all codes and standards – so you can focus on your business.

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Building Controls & Solutions is the pre-eminent provider of energy management, building controls, automation and gas detection solutions for the Commercial HVAC community, including distribution of products, in-market value added services, and ‘smart’ path towards IoT & the Cloud

  • Honeywell-trained field product support

  • Proactive & preventative maintenance

  • Customized product training

  • Burner set-up & performance tuning

  • Start-up & commissioning

  • System troubleshooting

  • … and more

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Our Sales and Services

Let’s talk about how Building Controls & Solutions can help you in conjunction with our line of Honeywell Thermal Solutions.

Contact your Building Control and Solutions sales representative or email for help finding the right product, specifying a solution, or scheduling safety or service.